23. January 2016

The Ways I've Changed as a Programmer

I’ve been doing professional software development for nearly eight years. That’s not an exceptionally long time, but it’s twice as long as the time I spent in college as an undergrad and it seems like a good place to stop and do some reflection.


18. December 2015

Learning Haskell

I am spending some time learning Haskell. This is partly because I want to learn about functional programming, but also because Haskell has this aura of hipster programming that I kind of enjoy.


20. July 2015

Geospatial Resources

My day job involves doing a lot of GIS work (that’s Geospatial Information Science, for you non-map nerds). Along the way, I’ve collected a lot of interesting data sources for building maps.


13. July 2015

A Geospatial View of the United Arab Emirates

I do a lot of work with geospatial data at my day job. Occasionally, I’ll find a cool data set and I’ll save it off so I can spend some time looking at it and seeing if I can find anything particularly interesting. I found an ArcGIS server hosted by the United Arab Emirates that hosts some very nice imagery of the country.